- 1992 - one of the top advertising agencies in Romania;

- 1994 - enteres the Top 10 (Capital Magazine);

- 1995 - the largest independent agency (non-affiliated to an international group);

- 1997-1998 - the first company in number of outdoor street furniture units and the second based on total number of panels;

- 1998 - Romanian Investment Fund acquires 49% of the company;

- 1998 - finalizes the project bus shelters in Bucharest and brings the first scrollers to Eastern Europe;

- Advent International takes over Monopoly Media, the transaction was considered the most important transaction in terms of value in the advertising market at that time;

- 2004 - Monopoly starts the project In-Store TV and digital TV in major shopping centers such as: Carrefour, Cora, Billa;

- 2004 - market leader in digital advertising with over 2,000 screens in over 48 cities.  Expands to other locations such as malls, pharmacies, banks, bars and pubs;

- April 2006 - Monopoly becomes part of Realitatea-Catavencu, one of the most important media group in Romania;

- In October 2008 enteres into the biggest project in its history, the implementation of closed circuit television network in subway stations;

- 2009 - Monopoly is the only provider for the video content transmitted on the screens installed on Tarom aircrafts.

- Present: Monopoly communication channels have been rebranded in the network "zoom". Zoom is broadcasting programs specially designed and based on the interests of the people and the areas where they are transmitted. Zoom's mission: Only relevant information and relaxion for the viewers as well as well-targeted media for advertisers.

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Monopoly Media in top 10 Worldwide Digital Signage agencies

With nearly 4,000 screens in action and a clearly defined cross-media strategy, Monopoly Media is the flagship DOOH operator in East Europe.