commercial galleries

In order to benefit from the potential of compact public areas offered by shopping centers and hypermarkets, we have created a network of vertical screens which is operational alongside the cash desk network Zoom Buy.

The vertical screens fit perfectly in the environment and at the same time help producers advertise their products in the shopping galleries.

The galleries of the hypermarkets are usually very crowded with people going to the hypermarket, to the retail shops, restaurants or cafes.

The public is numerous and diverse in respect of age, profession and social status. Digital poster systems manage to capture everybody’s attention.

It is a good way of promoting not only the products of the near-by shops but also general interest services and products.

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Monopoly Media in top 10 Worldwide Digital Signage agencies

With nearly 4,000 screens in action and a clearly defined cross-media strategy, Monopoly Media is the flagship DOOH operator in East Europe.