Gabriel Faflei

For over 7 years Gabriel Faflei, General Manager at Monopoly Media, is having a proactive role in changing the indoor advertising of the Romanian Market.

Faflei was the first to bring a new and innovative concept on the market in 2004 (Instore TV) and he is daily maintaining the top position of Monopoly Media. His company is one of the first advertising agencies in Romania and activates for more than 15 years, highlighting its leader position in the Romanian indoor advertising. Its presence in schools and high-schools, camps, airports, banks or in the largest cash & carry hypermarkets under Gabriel Faflei keen surveillance, Monopoly Media continues its growing in 2009 keeping its top position on the Digital Signace market and extending in more than 48 cities in Romania. 2009 its also the year Monopoly expanded its business in France. Starting with a network of 100 pastry shops, Faflei sais the potential is huge and if all goes well, soon, the presence of Monopoly in France could be higher than in Romania.

Gabriel Faflei: "DooH is all about proximity to consumer.Interactivity becomes crucial".

Gabriel Faflei: "Monopoly Media is able to provide advertisers and planners in Romania with a national digital signage advertising opportunity that reaches more than a million viewers per day at specific points of relevance out of home"

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Monopoly Media in top 10 Worldwide Digital Signage agencies

With nearly 4,000 screens in action and a clearly defined cross-media strategy, Monopoly Media is the flagship DOOH operator in East Europe.