This network is similar to the digital poster network from hypermarkets. However, the offer is more varied and the public more targeted in malls.

In malls, digital posters are in the middle of everything! We have combined the Zoom Out model with the digital poster model from locations such as Bucharest Mall Vitan and Plaza Romania.

Placed in the busiest areas of the shopping centers and around cafes, pubs and fast food restaurants, digital posters capture everybody’s attention due to their dynamism and excellent visibility.

A large number of people love going to the mall both on weekends and weekdays.

The young people aged 15 to 35, interested in cinemas and other attractions, and the people who come only for shopping are the target public.

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Monopoly Media in top 10 Worldwide Digital Signage agencies

With nearly 4,000 screens in action and a clearly defined cross-media strategy, Monopoly Media is the flagship DOOH operator in East Europe.