Pubs + (KFC, PH)

The Zoom Out network was developed by Monopoly Media starting from 2004, when the HORECA locations, the medical salons and the hair salons began to grow in number.

The bars, restaurants, pubs and cafés are the locations where we’ve chosen to install over 120 screens –in over 80 locations in Bucharest and Iasi, with a program of 16 hours on average.

The KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants have also joined this project with 10 locations in Bucharest.
35% of Bucharest’s habitants are frequenting these locations weekly- which means more than 750.000 visitors as a total number per month.

These are medium to superior income-people who chose relaxation, entertainment and socializing. The target audience is interested in sports, leisure, travel, fashion, gossip, trends, electronics, and cars.

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Monopoly Media in top 10 Worldwide Digital Signage agencies

With nearly 4,000 screens in action and a clearly defined cross-media strategy, Monopoly Media is the flagship DOOH operator in East Europe.